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Why your Personal Brand matters to Headhunters

Temps de lecture 3 minutes

Everyone has a personal brand. Personal branding is not perfecting or cultivating an unrealistic version of you. On the contrary, it is the humble promotion of your genuine, rounded identity, the one that really makes you. How to make the most of it to be on headhunters’ radar is what we’re telling you in this post.

Personal branding turns out to be a powerful tool for professional development that will allow you, among other things, to be identified by headhunters. To achieve this, you need to turn on the right tools to highlight what makes you unique. Let’s keep in mind that a person without a brand does not exist. Even the most discreet, invisible individual develops a reputation and tells his or her story through his or her absence.

What your network says about you

Your personal branding represents the creation and promotion of your brand image. Properly developed, it will allow you, at first, to set up an audience and develop your network. The importance of your community will be a real asset. It will allow you, among other things, to influence your audience while creating a community where members can interact. This professional network is particularly effective when you are interested in new career opportunities and want to be contacted by a headhunter. For example, candidate referrals, which consist in recommending to your company or recruiters a profile that you know, is an already well-established practice from which you could benefit.

In addition, it is wise to invite or respond positively to invitations from headhunters to diversify your network. Don’t worry, this does not send a message to your manager that you’re leaving.

To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by your network, it is necessary to regularly nurture it and build your personal brand. Don’t wait to be in desperate need to activate it. Start building relationships when everything is going well. For example, when a headhunter contacts you, take the time to answer even if you are not currently looking for new opportunities. In this way, you can establish a vital link for your professional future. In short, personal branding goes hand in hand with a reputation that you are responsible for building. So build yourself a quality network and evolve in the universe you are targeting!

You are what Google says about you

You are no longer inseparable from your digital identity. More than ever, you must be concerned about your online presence. Just like companies, your personal brand can convey both positive and negative opinions that can then have an impact. Your brand is no longer what you say it is, but what Google says about it.

Taking care of your online SEO is therefore an essential step so that the best results can be achieved. It starts with your social networks. A quality profile is nowadays essential. The picture you will use on your networks, the title and summary of your career  are of great importance. Thus, do not publish your wedding or holiday photo on your professional networks as this may be irrelevant. As for your career path, make sure you are comprehensive; the challenge is to be approached by headhunters for opportunities that really suit you. Highlight elements of differentiation.

Then interact with your professional community, feed them with useful content and participate in groups on LinkedIn. Also remember to update your different CV libraries if you are on multiple networks. Finally, make Facebook private. The settings are made in such a way that it is better to limit your activity on this social network to friendly and family contacts. This is essential to avoid seeing inappropriate photos on search engines. In the end, personal branding on the Internet remains globally limited to LinkedIn, Viadeo, Xing and Twitter. It is better to focus on an international network like LinkedIn, with a quality presentation, relevant activity and regular updates than to get all over the place.

Get in the eye of headhunters

Your personal brand and, consequently, your (e-)reputation are as many means to attract the attention of headhunters. How do they proceed? They’re sourcing. How? By using, in particular, the advanced functions of a search engine and by checking their network. If you have nurtured your brand with keywords and within your community, you will naturally be seen by a headhunter. So identify your skills and use your experiences to tell what you have learned and gained.

So, build your personal brand elegantly, effectively and without overdoing it. Your interpersonal skills are intimately linked to your brand. In the end, personal branding is about getting to know yourself. By refining your expectations, you will develop your own identity to gain a solid reputation that will be as effective as you are in promoting your personal brand.

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