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Lamboley Executive Search is a headhunting firm specializing in the recruitment by direct approach in Luxembourg
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Success begins with trust.

By collaborating with Lamboley Executive Search, you are guaranteed to:

  • receive only applicants that meets your requirements,
  • meet candidates who share your values and who will recognize themselves in your corporate culture,
  • feel the attention to your unique and individualized situation by a Lamboley Executive Search representative who is fully invested in your mission,
  • find an external ambassador and a partner in the growth of your organisation,
  • receive at least every 2 weeks updates on the progress of the research.


Engaging a headhunter should is not incidental and should be a decision made with purpose.   Whether we are contacted by a client or a candidate we commit to:

– Offer personal relationships as the keystone of our business

– Effectively understand your culture within your organization to jointly define the desired profile and become your best ambassador.

– Ensure regular and detailed communication to support you within your time frame

– Offer the highest standards of confidentiality and ethics; the core values of our relationship of trust.

Your partner

Founder of Lamboley Executive Search, I have spent +20 years cultivating an impressive network in Luxembourg. I started in the industry sector with the Guardian Group followed by 14 years with Deloitte acquiring and developing my skills in Human Resources Management. My path took a  natural turn to BDO where I served as HR Director for 6 years.

My responsibilities included the implementation of HR policies and strategies covering recruitment, training, performance management, management of innovative projects, support for Top Management and communication.

For this work I have been awarded the title  “HR manager of the year 2013” from the Luxembourg HR community.

Caroline Lamboley


Our knowledge of the market, experience and network make us an obvious choice as a partner in the following industries:

• Tax

• Accounting

• Audit

• Financial engineering and domiciliation

• Legal and Regulatory

• Investment & Risk Management

• Consulting

• Compliance

• Payroll services & Human Resources

• Marketing & Communication

• Knowledge Management

• Administration

In an ever more competitive hiring context, focusing solely on the Luxembourg market for certain profiles reduces the chances of a successful headhunting mission. We will therefore contact for you the best candidates in Luxembourg and beyond the borders as necessary.


As a candidate, you want to work with a headhunter who:

  • is able to give you concrete information about the job and it’s benefits,
  • respects your personal situation in terms of interest in an opportunity,
  • protects your personal information and confidentiality as you search for a new position,
  • provides you with a feedback at each step of the process,
  • understands the position that you currently hold and what might be a good next step.

An in-depth analysis of your career path and an understanding of your ambitions allow us to select companies offering a work environment, culture and challenges aligned with your professional and personal choices.

Beyond our recruitment assignment we advise you in your career and support you in preparing for important interviews.

Job offers

Please contact us to review our open positions with total confidentiality


M: (+352) 621 246 155

T: (+352) 27 40 44 48

Email :

12 Rue Guillaume Schneider L-2522 Luxembourg

Our offices are on the ground floor on the left. The parking Glacis is at 5 minutes walk maximum.

Applications are handled strictly confidential and only shared with clients after candidates’ consent.

Candidates’ professional and personal data are stored in accordance with National Data Protection Commission.