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Lamboley Executive Search est un cabinet de chasseur de têtes spécialisé dans le recrutement par approche directe à Luxembourg. Contactez-moi pour vos besoins en headhunting !
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Find out my latest analyses on my blog. Enjoy your reading.

Signs your best employee is about to resign
In 2018, six out of ten executives planned to resign. Despite speculation by managers, we know very little about whether
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courage managerial
Express Your Managerial Courage
By dodging the question of power and authority in management, yes-(wo)man managers are ruining the workplace. Is leadership not a matter
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personal branding
Why your Personal Brand matters to Headhunters
Everyone has a personal brand. Personal branding is not perfecting or cultivating an unrealistic version of you. On the contrary,
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Employés toxiques
Are your co-workers toxic ?
We’ve all known co-workers who keep on bossing around, complaining or gossiping at the coffee machine rather than contribute positively
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Why an efficient Offboarding experience is good for business
Few companies have adopted an offboarding process to optimise employees lifecycle. Yet, well-executed offboarding helps you maintain a positive employer
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wage transparency
Is wage transparency right for your company ?
In a digital age where transparency is the norm, there is, however, one big exception: discussing salary is still an
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employer brand
Employer Brand: Get an inside-out approach
How can organisations build a compelling brand that not only attracts talent but also creates the right experience for employees?
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Women and their ambiguous relationship with power
Women have been fighting for equal rights for generations. The year 2018 marked a new moment for them. Luxembourg can
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competences et talents
Why bad managers add to talent shortage
Talent shortage has become a buzzword. Is it a myth or a reality? Can talent shortage be the result of
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recruitment process
Source. Recruit. Integrate. Don’t repeat.
The digital revolution has dramatically changed recruitment practices by creating a broader job market with profiles instantly available. This new
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