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Lamboley Executive Search est un cabinet de chasseur de têtes spécialisé dans le recrutement par approche directe à Luxembourg. Contactez-moi pour vos besoins en headhunting !
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Lamboley Executive Search respects the risks associated with the confidentiality and privacy of your personal data.  We place the highest priority on protecting and processing your personal data in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Lamboley Executive Search will, with your permission, collect all of the necessary personal data to be used during a recruitment process.  This will include, but not limited to, complete names you have used, gender, email adress, postal adress, date of birth, educational background, current and past employers, nationality, certifications, trainings, cv and cover letter.  In case of special requests from specialized clients, you we may also collect security clearances or other documents necessary in a high security posting.

You give your consent to Lamboley Executive Search to use those information in order to manage your job application(s); the information will be used only with your expressed prior consent for release to potential future employers.

In utilizing our website for job application, we will collect the personal data that you agree to when submitting the form(s) online.  Through phone calls, interviews, events, or recommendations, we may also collect personal data to be used solely for the purpose of assisting you in the recruitment process.

Sensitive personal information may be required in certain jurisdictions.  Should you chose to apply for roles in one of the jurisdictions, we would also be required to collect this.  Sensitive personal information includes racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, health issues, sexual preference, or criminal history.

All personal data will be processed and accessed only by LES employees.

Through the use of this website, you are agreeing to the above disclosures with the exception of places that your consent is explicitly required.

You personal information will be kept for a maximum of two years.  You may also request to have your file purged immediately.  To request personal information modification or to withdraw your consent for use and/or retention of personal data, please send an email to

Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose than those related to the recruitment process and as stated above.

If you have any questions or comments about this data protection policy, please email